&Walsh’s new branding uses an ampersand for both the visual identity and tonal expression.
This typographic system includes their clients, projects, collaborators, experiments & endeavors: hence the (Blank) & Walsh. 

BRAND STRATEGY & COPYWRITING: Lauren Walsh, Jessica Walsh
PRODUCTION: Gosbinda Vizarretea, Jessica Walsh, Allison Raich, Stephanie Halovanic
LEAD DESIGN: Gabriela Namie, Sanchit Sawaria,
Rachel Denti, Soomin Jung, Pedro Veneziano, Matt Roop, Kat Singh, Kitron Neuschatz, Sasyk Mihal
TYPOGRAPHY: Alex Slobzheninov, Dan Forster, Sanchit Sawaria, Gabriela Namie, Pedro Veneziano, Daniel Sabino, Sasyk Mihal 
3D & ANIMATION: Sanchit Sawaria, Pedro Veneziano, Danae Gosset, Soomin Jung, Luigi Honorat, Molly Smisko, Zuheng Yin, Ines Alpha, Iuliia Mazykina, Luke Guyer & Edu Torres, Nacho Velasco, Flavio Carvalho

Branding, Typography
Typeface: Maison, Ogg
Year: 2019
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