Fun, Conceptual, Unexpected, Professional & Real︎

︎ Sasyk Mihal is a 23 years old designer and art director based in Prague, working worldwide. He is particularly interested in different disciplines, from brand identities, typography, strategy, packaging and advertising across all platforms. He currently works as a remote designer at &Walsh. Inquiries about freelance work or collaborative projects, feel free to reach out to me through email.

Selected clients/
Apple, Netflix, Macy's, The Riveter Bombas, Converse, TED, Nestle, Plenty, Kathrein, Twitch, Sagmeister&Walsh, &Walsh.

Branding, Advertising, Digital, Website Design, Social Content and Strategy, Print, Art Direction, Packaging, Film & Video, Exibithion, Book, Set Design, Brand Consultancy

+420 739 091 764

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