Mythical State is a brand. They sell merchandise, experiences, concepts and content. Mythical State is about transformation & transcendence as a result of outdoor sports and experiences, about Altered States & Rapture Moments. Mythical State is the modern Vision Quest, an Endurance Cult. #goinsidetheoutside.

They are not kitsch, ironic, or insincere. They are v. sincere. They genuinely believe in the power and utility of transformation. They believe that experiences, especially difficult experiences, can and do serve as a portal or “transformation” device. Outdoor experiences transform your geographic, mental, spiritual and physical “particulars.” Pain and suffering, exposure to the elements, hunger, lack of sleep, shared experiences are a gateway to change. We believe in manifestation and visualization.

For a very atypical brand I created an atypical brand system, using a huge assets library (containing glyphs set, shapes, custom typeface, motion, etc.) combined with bold color and unique lay-outs. 

Mythical State Of
Typeface: Custom, Roobert, Tobias
Year: 2021
Hi-res files here ︎︎︎
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