Bombas is a comfort-focused sock and apparel brand with a mission to help those in need. One purchased = one donated, always and forever. As Bombas grew beyond socks, they needed a more sophisticated brand system that could keep pace with their growing product extensions. We created a new color system, new typography, and a new graphic system to generate custom shapes, motion principles, art direction, and product systems.

AGENCY: &Walsh
STRATEGY: Lauren WalshPRODUCTION: Allison Raich, Evan Delp, Victoria Najmy, Kasia Sasinowska
COPYWRITING: Jessica Walsh, Stephanie Halovanic
LEAD DESIGN: Carlos Bocai, Sasyk Mihal, Gabi Namie
DESIGN: Jeremy Rieger, Simoul Alva, Katyayani Singh,
Julian Williams, Sergi Delgado, Alex Slobzheninov, Riisa Liao, Jess Gracia, Hayley Lim, Juanse Carvajal
ANIMATION: Soomin Jung, Lucas Luz, Heewon Kim, Jada Akoto, Daniel Zepeda

Branding, Advertising
Typeface: Bombas Sans, Noctruno
Year: 2020
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